Online Video and Audio File: $9

Perform a 20 minute act just with borrowed props!

Welcome to the "Anywhere Act" Video Lecture. In this streaming video you will learn a new act that you can have always in your mind.

Just ask for some business cards, a pen, some other common items and you are ready! 

1. OK Opener: A major effect using just the power of imagination and constructive anchoring
2. Hoy ESP Opener: A realistic way in which the legend David Hoy opened his act!
3. ESP No Chair Test: A fun “chair test” style routine for parlor/stage routine just with your 5 ESP cards (From E5P)
4. Pendulum Experience: Invite a participant onstage to enjoy the power of his own mind (from Ideas about Pendulums)
5. Time for weird things: 2 borrowed watches. Synchronicity and impromptu mindreading (from Anywhere Mentalism
6. Mentalfy: Read and HEAR minds using anyone´s borrowed phone
7. Animal, Mineral, Vegetal: An unpublished fantastic prediction routine in which using your participants will take all the decisions, and still you will have a successful prediction.

In this video lecture I dont only teach those effects and options to routining them, but also the psychology and philosophy of being always ready to perform if you need. 

This act has same me some unexpected issues (lost luggage and other situations) so now you TOO can be always prepared.

• • •